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OFFICE HONEY-yearly DROPPE silkweed honey subscription

OFFICE HONEY-yearly DROPPE silkweed honey subscription

SKU: 30

This package contains 12 jars of unfiltered, unpasteurized, high-quality silkweed honey, each 300 g net weight.

Silkweed honey has an intense aroma and flavor. This type of honey is highly recommended for offices, because its vanilla-like, spicy and juicy flavor.

It is a favorite of so many costumers, and even those who are allergic to pollen can consume it, because its pollen content is not significant. In addition, silkweed honey stays liquid for a long time, so it's easy to slip into tea and coffee, but it's also great on its own. If foreign guests or clients visit your office, you can proudly boast about silkweed honey, because it's a real Hungaricum: the silkweed plant could be found in a larger area only in Hungary.

We send the premium raw honey in special, UV-filtered bottles to your office quarterly, three bottles at a time. When purchasing the annual OFFICE HONEY subscription, your company saves min. 25%. The price of a jar of silkweed honey is currently sold 5,200 HUF in our webshop, but both the price of one honey jar and the delivery fee in the subscription is discounted, so HUF 3,900 / bottle.



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