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Our story

I’ve been a true & fanatic nature lover since my childhood. As a kid I spent most of my time in my beloved grandmother’s huge garden. She had a small beehive just for our family purpose and I had been marvelling the bee buzz around blossoming flowers for hours. The taste of her honey was never to be forgotten, that accompanied me to my adulthood.

However my life has lingered for another directions for a while, inherited from my early family memories, when I turned to 45, I decided to deal exclusively with honey my full-time endeavour. I was inspired to fulfill my dream by one of the leading Hungarian honey manufacturing company, as a result of Droppe Honey brand was born in 2017. With their expertise and second generation of tradition, together we established an extraordinary honey in special glass jar, much care about curated selection and excellent quality. Filling only Hungarian origin, high pollen content, unadulterated, unfiltered raw honey in 100% recyclable glass bottles following the highest standards. Our common values are to take care the planet as much as possible to ensure sustainability.

 My mission is to provide you with kind of honey that my grandmother would be proud of it and which to put on my own family’s table with pleasure every day.

Thereof my motto comes from: Nature, Soul & Care.

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