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DROPPE Raw Organic Wildflower honey

DROPPE Raw Organic Wildflower honey

SKU: 100

We’ve captured wildflower meadows in an exclusive glass jar. Pleasant, sweet honey with a soft aroma in which diverse spring and summer fields echoes. When you open and start to eat this honey with a small spoon, then let it melt on your tongue while closing your eyes, you will feel the spring breeze, the morning dew drops, the dance of the sun's rays and the colors of nature.

Our certified organic wildflower honey is collected by bees from yellow, pink, purple and blue blooming wildflowers and fragrant herbs, which are mainly found in the Zala region.

A perfect choice, for example, for tea, lemonade, salads, pasta, and roasts, but we recommend it on its own as well.

Droppe certified organic raw wildflower honey is unfiltered and unpasteurized, preserving all the vitamins and minerals.

Strictly tested before going to your table.


The "travel size" jar has 100 ml max. capacity and contains 120 grams of honey, so it is also a great choice if you are looking for a small, symbolic gift, but also if you want to have a portion of honey at hand before training, running or yoga in your bag. This glass jar can travel on the plane with you. 


We're different! Be different!


Choose our classy, ultra violet glass packaging instead of average transparent ones. Beside others it looks wonderful and protects honey inside, even you could have a hint of design on your kitchen table.


Net Weight: 120 g.

Country of Origin: Hungary.

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