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DROPPE Organic Wildflower honey

DROPPE Organic Wildflower honey

Hungarian organic multiflower honey with sunny yellow and delicious mild taste. It pairs very well with herbal or black teas and ideal with fresh cheeses, especially with blue cheese. It's also wonderful treat drizzled over your morning oats, freshly sliced figs and walnuts. 


It is unprocessed, unfiltered, not pasteurised and certified Organic honey. Sourced only from selected beekeepers and strictly tested before going to your table.


We're different!  Be different! 


Choose our classy, ultra violet glass packaging instead of average transparent. Beside others it looks wonderful and protects honey inside, even you could have a hint of design on your kitchen table. 


Net Weight: 300g

Country of Origin: Hungary

    Várható szállítás: májustól
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