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DROPPE annual honey subscription - a teaspoon of health for 365 days

DROPPE annual honey subscription - a teaspoon of health for 365 days

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This package contains 12 jars of raw honey, each 300 g, collected from selected domestic apiaries. A bottle of honey is enough for a month if you consume a teaspoon of it every day.

We send you every quarter a package of premium-quality, raw honey to your doorstep, three bottles at a time, different varieties: organic acacia, organic wild flower, silkweed, linden and chestnut honey, depending on the current availability.

RAW - from the beehive to the table.

Our honeys are raw, which is a real rarity these days. Raw honey means that the golden elixir comes straight from the hive into the bottle, we do not mix the honey with anything else (neither cheaper foreign honey, nor unidentifiable honey-like substances), our honeys do not undergo the high temperature processing typical of large-scale honey production, no chemical treatment, we don't pasteurize them: they are obtained purely from nature with the help of bees. After filtering they are immediately sealed in bottles, so DROPPE RAW honeys have an extra positive physiological effect. Raw honey is a natural multivitamin: vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, as well as large amounts of vitamin C and it also contains niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc and has an antioxidant effect: it can reduce oxidative stress, which is considered to be the cause of many diseases (e.g. cancer). It can also reduce the level of bad cholesterol and inflammation in the body, and can be used for sore throats, coughs, and colds, as well. In addition, raw honey has a low glycemic index, so it raises the blood sugar level less: the GI value is 30, while that of granulated sugar is 80, and that of processed, industrial honey is 75.

BLACK GLASS WITH UV FILTER - we also protect the values of nature. The honey comes to you in UV-filtered, black glass jars: in addition to being very elegant (it will look good on your kitchen shelf and perfect as a gift), this packaging also has a fully useful functionality, in other words, we use it not just because it looks good. The UV glass protects the honey from the effects of sunlight - in the same way as e.g. the values of quality olive oil are preserved by dark colored glass. By the way, the special, premium bottles are made in Europe. We are happy if you recycle them, they can also be an excellent choice for storing dried spices or cosmetics, if you have already run out of honey, but if you write to us that at least 3 of your bottles are empty, we will indicate in a reply letter where you can currently drop them off and we will evaluate your environmental awareness with a 10% discount coupon.

Choose this honey subscription for treat yourself or as care for your family: for children, for grandparents, or give it as a gift to health-conscious people around you, sweeten your friends' days, whether it's a wedding present or a birthday surprise, or even think about your colleagues and corporate clients. Eat raw honey every day!
Please, if you would like to send a personal message along with the honey subscription, please indicate the content of the message in the comments section when placing the order.

When buying an annual honey subscription, you save min. 25%.
Price of a jar of raw honey in subscription: HUF 2900.
Apart from subscription, the price of a single jar of honey: HUF 3900 - 4400.


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